Video vs. Image?

Open up your Facebook page, and scroll through your newsfeed. The chances are that most of the posts you see are videos. According to the latest statistics released by TechCrunch, there are a staggering eight billion video views per day on Facebook alone.

Over the past few years, video has risen in popularity across the globe. You see it everywhere – on television, social media, text messages, billboards, online advertisements, and even restaurant menus.
Because video has become so prominent among the rising generation, creating videos has never been easier. It’s now so easy to simply point your mobile phone and start shooting. Gone are the days where expensive video cameras were the only way to record videos. Now everyone has instant access to filming, editing, and publishing videos.

But if you are still not convinced of the importance of video content, take a look at the digital community.

Almost every major social network – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and more – have made it easier to upload, view, and share videos on their respective apps and websites.

Additionally, the importance of video marketing has never been greater. The future of business lies with visual content marketing. This is evident when you look at the vast majority of companies launching video marketing campaigns, and small businesses achieving success because of it.

If you want hard-hitting facts, take a look at these numbers. A user’s positive experience with a video ad increases their purchase intent by 97%, and the brand association by 139%. It’s important to know that if marketers are crazy about videos, consumers even moreso. Check out these stats:
• Users spend 88% more time on a website with video.
• Video generates 1 200% more shares than both images and text.
• Videos up to two minutes long receive the most engagement.

As video is perceived to be replacing the written word, people are hence asking: “Video vs. text: Which is better?”

In addition to text, video has also challenged other media like images, infographics, and podcasts. Although video will never replace these media completely, it certainly will continue to expand as “the most popular content consumed globally.”

In a nutshell
It is undeniable: Video marketing is the most effective type of content for promoting services or products online. Video has now become the perfect cocktail to boost your conversions. If you are not using video content to promote your business yet, then you are missing out on the best means to engage with your audience.
Ready, set, shoot!