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Blue Chip Lubricants and the launch of Q8Oils in South Africa


In August 2017, less than two months before the event, Blue Chip Lubricants (BCL) contracted NGAGE to manage the publicity, communications, and social media elements of the official launch of Q8Oils in South Africa, which took place at the Futuroad Expo 2017, part of Automechanika, which is Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading event for the truck and bus industry.

As always, the NGAGE team delivered more than expected! As one of the smaller players at Automechanika 2017, Blue Chip Lubricants was commended for creating the most hype, thanks to NGAGE’s efforts!” – Hayley Arnesen, Sales and Marketing Director, Blue Chip Lubricants.



 Q8Oils is part of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. With crude oil production levels of 2.9-million barrels per day, Q8Oils is ranked the seventh-largest oil producer in the world. Family-owned BCL completed the construction of its local blending and testing facility, and embarked on large-scale blending of lubricants from Q8Oils for the Sub-Saharan African markets. The brief was to generate as much hype as possible around the launch, and recently-concluded B-BBEE transaction, and to make BCL stand out among much-larger competitors at the expo.




  • As a first-time exhibitor at Futuroad, and as a relatively-unknown brand in South Africa, Q8Oils needed to stand out among much-larger and more established competitors.
  • Being contracted less than two months before the event limited the opportunity for a PR build-up.
  • The BCL Facebook page had a mere 150 followers before we took over the campaign.



  • Futuroad 2017 was the perfect platform to launch Q8Oils into South Africa.
  • As an industry specialist, we leant on our existing relationships with the transport trade media, and arranged an official media day to coincide with the planned visit from Q8Oils management.
  • The campaign targeted high-level decision makers attending Futuroad from the transportation sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.



  • Communicate the launch of Q8Oils in South Africa, and leverage off the international experience of the brand.
  • Communicate BCL’s B-BBEE Level 1 accreditation and newly-established local blending facility.



  • High-level decision makers (LSM 10) in the transport sector in Sub-Saharan Africa; and
  • High-level decision makers attending Futuroad.



  • Daily, transport, engineering and mining trade media.
  • Social media (Facebook).
  • BCL’s NGAGE press office was a platform for all campaign content produced.
  • Media event for the official launch.
  • Video of the gumboot dance and official launch.


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