Paragon Group shines through the media after first year of PR campaign

After a year of managing the PR for The Paragon Group, we are thrilled at the results that we have achieved thus far, and look forward to doing even more in the next year.

Before we began the PR campaign, the main objectives were to:
- Create multi-disciplinary awareness for the group
- Attract interest and brand awareness from architectural students
- Build a common brand with all typologies under one umbrella; the Paragon Group
- Educate the public that The Paragon Group is more than just beautiful offices in Sandton, and to show the group’s strength in multiple disciplines

NGAGE took a content lead approach which achieved the following:
- Created awareness among students entering the industry through multiple channels, via exposure on the Frenzy show, creating content on social media that was aimed at students, educating the youth on the various typologies within the Group and by highlighting key projects.
- Focused on profiling key projects across architecture, interior and the Africa division, thereby showcasing the strength of the group working together, and opening up opportunities to cross sell to existing clients
- Profiled a variety of projects, apart from the popular Sandton projects, to show the vast experience of the group, and its experience in multiple disciplines. This included student housing, warehouse projects and an apartment development in Kenya, to name a few.

Over The Year We Achieved The Following


Return on Investment


Press Releases Distributed


Media Clippings Achieved


Online Clippings


Print Clippings


Broadcast Clippings


Total Coverage

Some of the highlights included:

- An earned cover in Earthworks magazine profiling 140 West Street, plus a seven-page write-up
- Two separate episodes on architecture on the Frenzy TV show on Craz-e for Women’s Month, profiling three female employees, and showcasing two key Paragon projects
- Exposure for Discovery Campus in the Sunday Times Neighbourhood section
- A write-up on interior lighting choices in Financial Mail Office

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