Loads of Leads for BT-INDUSTRIAL

Our client BT Industrial, a manufacturer of HDPE pipes to transport oil and gas, water and more, embarked on an AdWords campaign in June 2019 to generate leads.

What was the outcome?

Within three months, the client generated an impressive total of R272 million worth of quotations.

How did we actually achieve this?

It all starts with keywords, and then ads. Sounds simple? Actually not! Our keyword strategy is one-of-a-kind. We delve deep into keywords, and only focus on the ones that really drive good traffic, which eventually turns into leads. So, once we have mined quality keywords, the next step is to create ads that resonate with a user’s search pattern, topped off by an aggressive bidding strategy.  At the centre of it all we have a single landing page that features the client’s products, which allows a user to quickly fill in a form.

In conclusion, this strategy harnessed a lot of powerful tools and expertise that enabled us to create a one-of-a-kind campaign.

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