Introducing ContentCal

NGAGE is proud to announce the launch of our new social media content planning software, ContentCal.

For many involved in social media, you’re probably familiar with the stress and hassle of creating, planning, managing, and maintaining a social media content planner and publishing schedule; not to mention the accompanying Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation. This is exactly why we have taken our content planning and scheduling to the next level this year.

ContentCal is web-based, collaborative tool for teams and clients, facilitating content production, sign-offs, and scheduling. The platform allows users to define user permissions, streamline approval processes, and communicate and collaborate with teams on upcoming content.

What would content and social media management be without analytics? ContentCal has this covered with its in-platform analytics suite, giving users a broad overview of their account performance. You can always deep-dive into your individual posts separately, check how well they were received, pinpoint successful content, and assess overall performance.

A User Guide is available to guide our clients through the various steps of creating an account, step-by-step instructions as to how to use the platform, and detailed information about the various features and functionalities.

Our clients will certainly benefit from this new platform. Content strategies will now be streamlined, allowing for faster approvals, scheduling, and publishing. All content can be viewed from one interactive, online platform for quicker turnaround times.