Early mornings and the dirty side of PR!

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for clients, and we think that the dirty side of PR is where you find the brightest gems! In mid-February, my client SANY allowed me to travel with them and their cameraman to capture video testimonials from clients using SANY machines, finding out why they have put their trust in the toughest equipment in South Africa.

Day One started at 05:00 with a road trip to Nelspruit, where we caught up with the Nelspruit branch manager, who gave us a tour of their facility and showed off their awesome SANY machines. The day got even better when we had the chance to go on-site and see these beasts in action, where Obbza Construction is busy with some roadworks. We got up close and personal – well, given that I’m a little small, I didn’t get up too close – with the SY210 excavator, a SMG200 grader, and a STR roller. Day One ended on a high. We were dirty, sweaty, and a li’l exhausted, but the tasty biltong snack packs made it all worth it!

Day Two kicked off with some rain, so that set our plans on an uncertain track. Due to the rain, we couldn’t get on-site to check out more SANY products, so alas we headed home back to the 011.

However, Day Three was about to be the best one yet. After a 04:00 wake-up call, we were on the road again, but this time to take a flight to the Northern Cape! Now I’m not one for flights, so the anxiety had me on edge. But this was for my client, and I was ready to knuckle down and pass out on that flight if I had to. I am glad to say we got there safe and sound.

The day started at the Goscor Kathu branch, and later we got the chance to go to an actual mine site to chat to client Wego Africa. A quick stop at the branch where we met the Kathu team and the branch manager, who gave us a warm welcome and a tour of their offices. From there, we headed out to the manganese mine where five SANY SY500s were getting the job done. The team spoke to Chief Operating Officer Scott Yuan, who was particularly excited about working with the Goscor Kathu branch.

From tasty biltong snacks, exhausted car naps, playing with drones, to getting in-depth articles from happy SANY clients, I would say that we did a pretty good job! The dynamic duo expects to be on the road again later this year chatting to more clients about the amazing tough products that SANY has to offer. Keep up to date with our newsletter to get the next exclusive!